Natural Ways For Breast Increase

Breast increase has certainly become a hot topic amongst women these days. As much as one would hate to admit, there are actually a lot of women out there who are not too gifted when it comes to bust size. Thus, there would then come a need to know how to increase breast size naturally.

Surgery is a common option a lot of women delve into. However, just like any other medical issue, it would be so much better to go with natural methods. This way, there would be fewer chances of any unwanted side effects to deal with. Here are the following natural breast increase methods that are popular nowadays.

Natural breast enhancement pills

A lot of women attest to the effectiveness of natural breast enhancement pills. In fact, this is the option that most women turn to, to increase breast size naturally. There are a number of herbal ingredients comprising these breast enhancement pills. Most of the formulas include saw palmetto, Dong Quai, fenugreek, Mexican wild yam, damiana, blessed thistle, and fennel. The effect of these herbal components is actually similar to that which occurs when a young lady enters puberty. This is the time when the breasts start to grow, with the help of plant estrogen production. Plant estrogen is not something to fear because this is actually quite mild. It may take time for breast increase to become noticeable. Usually, it takes roughly 2-3 months for reasonable effects to take place.

Natural breast enhancement creams and lotions

These creams and lotions work best when combined with breast enhancement pills and breast enhancement exercises. These products pretty much give the same effects as the pills mentioned above. The creams, in particular, are comprised of herbs and mild chemicals that can stimulate fat cell growth within the breast. This fat cell growth does not happen in other parts of the body, so there is no need to worry here. What’s more, breast enhancement creams have cosmetic effects that can enhance the appearance and the feel of the breasts as well.

Natural breast enhancement exercises

Not very effective method, but we listed it here anyway.

These exercises present the cheapest method towards natural breast increase. However, in spite of being the cheapest, these exercises require the most dedication as well. This is because you would have to follow and stick to a particular exercise regime, so that the optimal results can be achieved. The most popular of these exercises is the push-up.

  1. Find a flat surface for you to lay face down flat on your stomach.
  2. You should then bend your knees. Make sure to cross your ankles for leverage.
  3. You should then start bending your elbows. While doing this, make sure to keep your palms aligned with your shoulders.
  4. Start raising your body with as much balance on your elbows and palms. You should still keep your ankles crossed for this step. Aside from having more leverage, you won’t have to raise that much weight. Make sure not to straighten your elbows when you raise your body. This just might cause much damage to your joints.
  5. You should lower your body slowly. However, do not lie down. The angle at which your body is positioned should be decreased just until your arms are now aligned with the flat surface.

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